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Gretel Corrie

Paper Plate

The Paper Plate by Gretel Corrie is a hand formed, fully functional plate made from porcelain clay with a clear glaze on the top side of the plate.

Each piece will have slight variations as they are handmade by Gretel in her Killcare studio. 

DIMENSIONS : Approximately 280mm diameter

CARE : Dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing for longevity when possible. Handle with care. 

ABOUT THE MAKER :  Gretel Corrie is a ceramicist based on Darkinjung land who creates objects that inhabit a space between the functional, the imperfect and hand-made. Drawn mainly to stoneware and porcelain as materials in her practice, Corrie's work is both an ode to the specific physicality of the ceramics she utilises and the endless possibilities of typically ignored forms that make up the everyday.

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